About Me

With proven experience in Web Development, Quality Assurance, and Tech Support and an education concentrating in application development I have a well rounded skill set to accomplish almost any challenge placed before me.

What I can help you do:
1 Analysis and Design: From business requirement collection to system and database design.
2 Web Development: Sales driven sites or a web application UI.
3 Application Development: An information system backend or a standalone application.

With a strong background in both computer software and hardware, I have had the chance to work in many areas of software development. From gathering the requirements to the ongoing support for both small and large projects which allows me to get an overall perspective that I can apply to any area of the software developement lifecycle.

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The key to a solid education is the combination of theory, hands on instruction and exposure to the field. With three years at college, over a year of on the job experience and in the midst of completing a University program I have built up the understanding and knowledge to be successful in the Information Technology industry.

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With experience programming with a wide array of programming languages, on several different platforms I have had the opportunity to develop the skills needed to produce clean and efficient code.

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