About Me

With proven experience in Web Development, Quality Assurance, and Tech Support and an education concentrating in application development I have a well rounded skill set to accomplish almost any challenge placed before me.

What I can help you do:
1 Analysis and Design: From business requirement collection to system and database design.
2 Web Development: Sales driven sites or a web application UI.
3 Application Development: An information system backend or a standalone application.
Institution: Athabasca University currently enrolled part-time
Program: Computing and Information Systems
Credential: Bachelor of Science: Computing and Information Systems

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Institution: St. Lawrence College
Program: Computer Programmer Analyst
Credential: Ontario College Advanced Diploma

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Code Course
COMM 4Technical Writing
COMP 203Networking Concepts Desc.In this course, students will be introduced to network terminology, network media, Network interface card (NIC) and various topologies and architectures. Simple and Complex Network operations, Ethernet, Protocols and Network Operating Systems will be introduced. Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) will be discussed and the enterprise and distributed network technology (Internet) will be introduced.
COMP 205HTML/Web Development Desc.This course will teach the student how to access internet services needed to setup a web site, such as: e-mail, search engines, file downloads and File Transfer Protocol. Web page design concepts and the use of XHTML as a standard will be covered to provide the skills needed to design and modify a web site. Recent web development tools including DHTML (combining CSS, DOM and JAVASCRIPT) and XML will be introduced.
COMP 1100Visual Basic I Desc.This course introduces a visual programming language. It implements looping, collections, arrays, strings, menus and file processing. The student will become proficient in the design, development, implementation and debugging of business applications using Visual Basic.Net. The student will design and develop a text editor from the ground up.
COMP 1111Microcomputer Applications
MATH 8Computer Mathematics Desc.Introductory Computer Mathematics begins with a review of some basic mathematical concepts then presents topics in algebra, trigonometry, and computing.
ACCT 101Accounting Principles Desc.This course is an introduction to accounting and its role in business. The study of accounting principles is intended to give the Computer Programmer Analyst student a well-developed background in basic business. To this end, Accounting Principles is a part of the student's basic business education.
COMP 32Game Programming Using Flash
COMP 211Program Design Desc.In this course the student will learn the techniques and tools to analyze and develop well structured, robust logic for computer programs. This course will address both legacy (process driven) and GUI (event driven ) systems environments.
COMP 1101Visual Basic II Desc.This is an advanced course in Windows programming. The student will manipulate an Access database within a Visual Basic.Net program. The student will learn parameters and functions, debugging, error trapping and handling, data validation and arrays. The student will receive an introduction to classes.
COMP 1081MS Operating Systems Desc.This course is an expansion on previously covered operating systems and environment for students enrolled in three-year Computer Programmer Analyst program. The course will concentrate on system management, security, customization, and configuration with a practical experience gained in labs.
COMP 1200C++ Programming Desc.This course provides a comprehensive introduction to C++ programming. The course introduces the syntax and usage of C++, encouraging the student to progress to abstract data types and object-oriented programming. A disciplined approach to program development and to producing readable programs is emphasized. Topics covered include I/O files, arrays, functions, strings and pointers. The course is not intended as an introduction to programming course.
COMP 1102Advanced Visual Basic Desc.This is an advanced course in Windows programming. The student will manipulate an Access database within a Visual Basic.Net program. The student will learn parameters and functions, debugging, error trapping and handling, data validation and arrays. The student will receive an introduction to classes.
COMP 210COBOL Programming Desc.This is the first course in building understanding and competence in structured programming using COBOL. Students will gain awareness of the importance of structured programming methodology, to produce maintainable programs. Lectures and programming assignments are designed to provide the student with a working knowledge of report production, control breaks and data validation.
CARE 91Career Strategies Desc.This course is designed to help students develop, practice and apply the oral and written communication skills necessary for a successful career search. A major component of this course will be development of professional (computer-generated) career search materials and effective career search techniques. Students will use these materials to apply for jobs/placements in their field. In addition, students will gain greater self-awareness by engaging in personal development activities and will develop an understanding of the changing nature of work and economy.
COMP 206Enterprise Web Development Desc.This course will teach the student how to integrate basic web skills into an Enterprise/Commercial environment while introducing newer web technologies into established sites. These technologies will include expansion on uses of internet protocols (ftp, http, https), W3C Consortium standards, web-based client/server applications, integrating database technologies and scripting languages such as active server pages and JavaScript pages with concentration on the overall relationship of these components in an Enterprise environment.
COMP 333OOP Using C++ Desc.This course introduces the C++ programmer to object-oriented design and programming. Expanding on the topics coved in COMP 1200, the students are taught how to write classes, class inheritance, class derivation and linked lists. Concepts of data abstraction, information hiding, dynamic allocation of memory and software reusability are used.
COMP 220Client Server Desc.This course is an introduction to the concepts of client/server computing. It discusses both the theory and practical side of this vast topic. The theory side of the course examines advantages, concerns and implementation using real world examples. The practical portion of the course teaches classes, object hierarchy, and server side programming using PHP and MySQL.
COMP 251Advanced Programming (COBOL) Desc.A second course in writing and maintaining COBOL programs. Students will develop batch processing applications that maintain sequential and non-sequential data sets. Topics included are: COBOL sorts, subroutines, multi-level tables, indexed files as well as program maintenance.
COMP 52JCL and Utilities Desc.A practical study of the basic concepts and facilities of mainframe operating systems. The student will learn MVS batch operating systems command language and common utility programs. Methods of organizing and accessing data using sequential and VSAM record organization will be explored. The emphasis of the course is to teach the student how to use these facilities in his/her role as an application programmer.
GENE 3Art History
COMP 35CICS Programming Desc.This course will provide CICS training, teaching the basic subset of CICS command level COBOL programming.
COMP 305JAVA Programming Desc.Java has been designed to work easily within an Application environment as well as the World Wide Web through a browser program. Java programs (applets) can be stored anywhere around the world. Java runs in two different modes, as an Applet or as a stand-alone application (Java program). Java application programming will be explored using object-oriented programming techniques. Both Java Applets and Java Application methods will be explored in this course.
COMP 340Systems Analysis Desc.A course in Systems Analysis, which will provide the student with an understanding of Business Systems SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) and the use of traditional structured models and object models to perform analysis. Project management topics include problem definition, fact-finding, Gantt/PERT charts and cost-benefit analysis. Analysis techniques are based on the Event Concepts. Traditional modeling tools covered are data flow diagrams, decision models, and data models. The Object-Oriented tools use the UML Use Case, Class, Interaction and State diagrams. Students will work in small teams to develop communication and negotiation skills while completing various sample analysis component models.
COMP 208Web Services
QUAL 200Quality Assurance & Management Desc.To teach a general understanding of software quality assurance techniques and to explain how QA fits into the software development cycle.