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Car Sharing Test Case

Throughout the course all assignment were based a a test case which were used to extract and analyse information to produce the documents required to successfully design and develop an information system. Though this is not a complete set of documents for the informormation system, it is a look at the key documents typically used in the develeopment of a information system.

The Business Environment

As the number of cars on the road gets larger every year, issues such as limited parking, increased vehicle emissions, and increased road congestion can become a problem. To assist in alleviating some of these issues city councils has approved a pilot project to implement car sharing into its community.

In order to successful implement car sharing into its community an information system will need to be developed in order to efficiently handle the large amount of information that needs to be collected and processed to assist the car sharing staff with their day to day tasks. At this point, the Information system will be capable of managing member accounts and reservations, vehicle inventory and usage, as well as other administrative tasks to assist the Car Sharing employees.

The COCOS StandAlone System will be used in conjunction with the car sharing information system in order to gather information from the vehicle. By using GSM, a long range wireless protocol, COCOS StandAlone System will be able to check reservations found in the care share information system in real time. The system will also send the care share system vehicle usage information for customer billing and maintenance purposes among other things. The other needed interface to the Car Share Information System will be an interface to a Car Share bank account to handle customer payments and the organizations expenses.

Several people and groups of people have been identified to have a key interest in the functionality of the Care Share Information System as well as its success. The first group of people that have been identified are the car share members who would be accessing the system through the web interface. We will be taking ease-of-use and convenience into consideration during the development to make it easier for them to access the system for account maintenance and reservations.

Along with the members, the Contract Scheduler employees who will be using a customized web interface to take reservations and account maintenance over the phone. We will ensure that all the information needed to complete every step of the reservation process is presented in an easy to find manner and that the layout will lead to efficient call handling. This interface could also be accessible by the part time employee that will be hired for general office duties as they might be in contact with members who may need assistance.

The Assistant Manager and Operations Manager will need the most functionality of the system. Along with the web interface, the need for access to financial and evaluation reports, vehicle inventory and maintenance as well as detailed member account information. Having this information on hand in an easy to access manner will allow them to complete their needed tasks and spend more time working on other aspects of the care sharing operation.

The final group with the most interest in the Car Share Information System’s success is city council. As the system is critical for the success of the Car Share pilot project the council will be kept up to date on the progress of the information system.

The System Vision

While the startup and operation of Car Sharing involves a mass of information that must be collected and readily available to those involved in the project, an information system needs to be developed. A system that can handle reservations, memberships, recruitment and termination, vehicle inventory and maintenance, and other administrative tasks is critical to the success of the project.

Business Benefits
The main benefit that comes from the development of the information system would be the ability to have all information needed in a centrally accessible area that users of all levels of the organization, and its members are able to access when needed. Other benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Easy-to-use 24/7 scheduling and customer service
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency in marketing campaigns
  • Reduced staffing through self managed customer profiles
  • Reduced vehicle downtime with routine maintenance scheduling
  • Efficient scheduling of reservations

System Capabilities
To accomplish these benefits the system will be design to provide the following capabilities:

  • A web interface to allow customers to manage their profile. This includes information such as vehicle preference, location, payment options, communication delivery, and to create reservations.
  • A toll-free phone number accessible 24/7 to allow customers the option to perform the above over the phone with a contract scheduler trained in making reservations as well as account maintenance.
  • A database of potential customers who have shown interest in car sharing but are not in area where it is currently offered.
  • Using the COCOS StandAlone system vehicle usage will be tracked and sent to the information system to allow for vehicles to be maintained by the manufacturer warranties.
  • The COCOS will also track the vehicles current location to allow the reservation system to identify which vehicle is available and the closest to a member that is making a reservation.

Risk and Feasibility

With any project there are certain aspects that may cause problems as it progresses and must be looked into before a project moves forward. These include organizational and cultural, technological, economical, or resource availability concerns.

Organizational and Cultural
While the implementation of car sharing will be designed for ease-of-use to the members there is always a possibility that the members might feel intimidated with the technology being used, such as the Smart Card entry system. Demonstration and proper training before the first use of a vehicle should be enough to make the members feel comfortable with the system.

Security is another main concern in many people who rely of technology to complete their day to day tasks. Privacy concerns may arise and deter some people from taking part in the car sharing project as their personal information and driving habits will be available to them online. Though the proper safeguards to prevent this will be implemented into the information system, often the concerns still linger among those unfamiliar with security.

Regardless, many people today have become familiar with the risks associated in dealing with technology like this. Though it may still affect some, the vast majority will consider it to be a minimal risk when compared against its benefits.

In terms of technology there is only one main concern that should be addressed before the project moves forward, the COCOS StandAlone System. There will need to be proper support in place to properly install and maintain the system in the vehicles and the interface to the main information system. If proper documentation or training is available this would not be a concern.

The development of an information system is a complex task and requires a large initial investment, though there will be a definite return on investment of the information system over a period of time, there would have to be enough interest in car sharing to build a solid customer base before investing in the system.

Resource Availability
Due to the fact that the development of an information system is a complex process requiring skilled professionals, the issue of project staffing arises. There needs to be skilled programmers and systems analysts, a trained office and management team to fully develop the system.